Construction at Westfield’s Mount Gravatt

Eurobond’s Europanel was specified on the Mount Gravatt Westfield Shopping Centre development in Brisbane for its flexibility in architectural design and speed of installation credentials. The standardised wall system simplified the construction and design process and provided them with the functionality that is demanded from modern building envelopes.

Key attributes of Europanel are build speed and convenience, allowing rapid construction (up to 400m2 per day) of a weather tight building and to facilitate the early commencement of internal works, all of which ultimately reduce labour time and take reduce construction times and remove the external façade from the critical path of project completion. The structurally stable stone wool core does not degrade after time and the product reduces the numbers of component parts needed along with the thickness of the overall wall. Europanel also serves structurally providing a clean uninterrupted internal surface with minimal secondary steelwork.

The speed of Europanel installation in achieving a flat external metal face not only reduces costs by again eliminating the need for secondary steel works, but wet trades and scaffolding too.

Europanel is manufactured at Eurobond Laminates ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 accredited facility with a non-combustible stone wool core which has been tested to AS1530.1. The panels achieve 2 hours fire resistance to AS1530.4-2005 (integrity and insulation).

The steel and stonewool insulation core components are fully recyclable into new materials, offering a ‘Cradle to Cradle’ approach to manufacture this reducing the environmental impact of the products.