Eurobond deemed as Non-Combustible in accordance with AS1530.1

The goals of the BCA are to enable the achievement and maintenance of acceptable standards of structural sufficiency, safety (including safety from fire), health and amenity for the benefit of the community now and in the future.

A test done in accordance with AS 1530.1 will determine if a material is combustible. If materials used in an assembly contain combustible components, then the assembly is combustible.

Eurobond is NOT deemed Combustible according to the test criteria of AS/NS 1530.1 – 1994

Eurobond also conforms to AS/NZ1530.4 for both walls & ceilings, achieving -/120/120 for 150mm Europanel for both Integrity & Insulation, with additional benefits such as lightweight firewalls with Thermal & Acoustic Insulation properties

Soon to have a tested compliant Eurobond wall & door Australian Standards test. Please contact SGI for further information.