Eurobond – Stone wool panels offer better fire protection than PIR panels

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A new “IF” Insurance study shows that PIR sandwich panels are less resistant to fire than their fire class rating suggests.
“IF”¬†Insurance conducted a number of fire tests to compare the reaction-to-fire performance and fire resistance properties of PIR sandwich panels and panels with an insulating core of stone wool, which is one of the most widely-recognised fire-resistance materials on the market. The tests were designed with a more realistic approach than traditional fire tests. For instance, the standard ISO test protocol was modified, to allow for the fire to continue for longer than the standard testing period of 20 minutes and with a larger fire load. The test rooms were assembled by contractors and not by fire laboratory technicians. Additionally, the sandwich panel enclosures were subjected to carefully prescribed, simulated damage including pipe holes, a cable tray, a ventilation duct and piercing by a fork-lift and other everyday features. The results of the comparative study were conclusive:¬†“The performance of PIR panels were not consistent with the expected performance based on its classification, especially in its significant contribution to fire growth, whereas the stone wool panels performed in accordance with its classification”.¬†

Click on the link below to see highlights from “IF’s” sandwich panels test.