Result of using Polyethylene core (PE) instead of Fire-retardant (FR) core

PE is a plastic which inevitably burns extremely fast when exposed to an open flame. As a result of this, Polyethylene droplets are created and drip like napalm causing the panels to ignite from the bottom up and eventually burning it’s way through the entire external facade.

In 2000, Alpolic fr was developed to overcome this issue by providing an extra layer of protection. Alpolic fr is a fire-safe material, that passes mandatory requirements for exterior cladding in most countries. Though the core material does contain a small amount of combustible polyethylene, the main ingredient of the mineral does not permit the proliferation of flame and restricts the development of the smoke that becomes detrimental to the evacuation activities.

A large fire engulfed a skyscraper in the centre of Istanbul. State television said that the fire, which was also fanned by strong winds, burned through the building’s external insulation.