VMZINC and Alpolic Partnership

VMZINC, the largest manufacturer of rolled zinc worldwide is now partnering with Alpolic. VMZINC’s flat Zinc sheeting for façade and external cladding now has a composite panel option, Alpolic/fr ZCM (a zinc composite material composed of a chemically weathered VMZINC sheet on the topside, a non combustible mineral filed core and a VMZINC sheet on the backside). Alpolic/fr ZCM offers all the practicalities and benefits of design and manufacture synonymous with the Alpolic range. For more information regarding VMZINC please click here

Mitsubishi (manufacturers of Alpolic) and VMZINC have had a partnership since 2009 when they first worked together on the Annette Strauss Artists Square in Dallas Texas. This project used a combination of Alpolic SMN Silver Metallic and Alpolic Zinc Metal, Quartz in a diamond patterning, the gloss of the Alpolic Silver Metallic contrasts strongly against the Alpolic Zinc Metal and the lights is reflected by the Alpolic Silver Metallic where as the Alpolic Zinc Metal ‘absorbs’ the light, this is a wonderful example of how the two Alpolic products differ.

SGI is the only Australian distributor of quartz-zinc ACM using genuine VMZINC material.