MOEDING is a back-ventilated, thermally insulated terracotta facade. The Moeding system offers a maintenance free, ecological and economical insulative clay product with simple assembly, which provides great design potential on customised wall and screen applications. The key characteristics of Moeding include non-flammable, dimensional stability, fast installation and fully recyclable.

The ALPHATON® facade is deemed as the quality feature in the sector for back-ventilated terracotta facades. Thanks to its ideal characteristics the traditional tile material fits new and historic architectural forms. Over decades it ages with elegant patina. The ALPHATON® façade system is made out of four basic components: terracotta tiles, tile holders, horizontal support profile and aluminium joint profile. The extruded MOEDING ALPHATON® terracotta tiles are produced mainly from domestic clay and are fully imbued with colour. Due to the very high firing temperature and the long firing period, intensive colours and the best strength are achieved. The terracotta tiles are double-walled and 30 mm thick. The breaking loads of the ALPHATON® panel are therefore many times higher than with single-walled panels. The shape of the panel holders also contribute to the stability of the whole façade design. The panel holders are formed in such a way that frontal forces are transferred to the whole tile thickness and dissipate into the substructure.

The LONGOTON® terracotta façade comes in lengths from 600 to 3000 mm in gradations of 1 mm. The basic components that make up the composition are terracotta tile, aluminium tile holder and aluminium joint profile. The terracotta tiles are fastened to the support profile using concealed holders. The holders are not visible, so the joint pattern is not interrupted. The strong fold on the terracotta tile ensures the required stiffness and also with stands extreme demands. The extruded façade elements are fired out of high quality clay and are fully imbued with colour. The tile elements are double-walled and 40 mm thick. They are exactly cut to length and right angles. All materials are resistant to frost, corrosion, dye and light and can also with stand aggressive media. The whole material can be recycled.

BAGUETTES (SPECIAL SHAPES)- The wide use of Moeding facade tiles has resulted in planners increasingly asking for more individual facade solutions over the course of the last few years. In order to meet this demand, the maximum size for the ALPHATON® and LONGOTON® tiles has been extended. Many project-specific special solutions have been produced and tile surfaces made with a three-dimensional structure. In addition, shading and design elements made of tiles have been added to many buildings. Special elements, shading elements and design elements match the Moeding facade tiles in terms of materiality, feel and natural colour. The special elements are available in many natural tile colours. Special colours specific to the property are possible: Strong glaze colours are particularly popular, which are mostly developed for a specific project together with the planner.

Downloads for Moeding

Moeding – Longoton Brochure
Moeding – Longoton technical details
Moeding – Baguettes Brochure
Moeding – Longoton detail book

Moeding – Alphaton Brochure
Moeding – Alphaton technical details
Moeding – Alphaton detail book
Moeding – Alphaton L2 detail book