PRODEMA® is a composite panel faced with a natural wood veneer and coated with a proprietary coating, based on synthetic resins and PVDF, which protect the panel from the effects of UV sunlight, chemical attack, and the damage caused by atmospheric agents. Each Prodema natural wood panel is unique and will exhibit differences in grain and colour within the same supply. Prodema carefully selects the wood veneers in an endeavour to ensure that the colour within a batch will be as homogeneous as possible.

ProdEX by Prodema is a line of exterior coverings which bring together all the good points of such a noble, beautiful and versatile material as wood. ProdEX panels may show certain characteristics that are inherent of natural wood itself, such as specific darker areas in the wood, transversal mirror images in the wood, variation in colour, shade and shine of different panels made of the same type of wood and knots or holes in the wood coming from the trees themselves.

ProdIN by Prodema is a line of interior cladding offering exciting possibilities for architecture and interior decoration. Every one of its 5 product lines has a particular internal core giving it unique technical features for every application.

ProdIN lines include:
Neptuno – interior coverings for humid environments
Proligna – interior wood panels for dry environments
Supra – engineered wood flooring designed for high-traffic commercial spaces
Auditorium – acoustical wooden panels for walls and ceilings
Laminium – natural wood laminates

Downloads for Prodema

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