Swisspearl® facade panels are large cement composite sheets available in various distinctive finishes. The panels are installed following the ultimate technology of uninterrupted rear ventilation, which ultimately protects the building structure. Swisspearl® façade panels can be installed in one plane with horizontal and vertical joints, or, alternatively, in strips lapped horizontally. The detailing of joints and fixations, as well as a virtually unlimited choice of panel sizes allow for endless possibilities in creating uniquely attractive facades.

The large-size cement composite panels are mainly made of mineral raw materials (Portland cement and limestone), water and air. For more than 20 years high quality non-toxic fibres have been used to reinforce the cement core. The manufacturing process is based on a closed water cycle and a slow natural 28 day curing. The Swiss high tech colouration and finishing technologies are water born. The raw materials and the finished products do not contain any dangerous substances.

Swisspearl® CARAT F-COLOUR – The special coating to these panels provides a fine textured surface. The thicker, opaque pigmentation of this finish allows vibrant colours and provides a strong protection against UV radiation in nearly all climate conditions. The slightly unsmooth surface ensures a “natural” and exclusive appearance.

Swisspearl®CARAT HR – This special surface treatment has been developed for high traffic areas subject to wear and tear whilst authentic expression of the material is fully maintained. Standard CARAT and CARAT HR panels can be combined on the same façade provided some visual separation exists between the two surfaces.

Swisspearl®CARAT SL – These panels with translucent or pigmented top finishing and core coloured through, shade in shade, play the lead role. The unique natural look and the timeless beauty of the material with its delicate vein texture provide an exciting and noble expression for buildings with special character.

Swisspearl® REFLEX – Also with an integrally coloured core, these high tech panels bear an iridescent surface finishing on pure acrylic base. Changing light and angle of vision produce fascinating nuances in the colours. These directional panels come in 14 shades; they are particularly suited for contemporary buildings of any size and scope with a very modern architecture.

Swisspearl® XPRESSIV – Panels with a very vivid cement composite structure designed to give a unique touch to the façades, regardless of their size.

Swisspearl® NOBILIS – Launched as world wide innovation already in 1987, Nobilis bears a translucent coating. The smooth and semi-matt surface finish and the visible natural texture of the cement composite impart an unrivalled expressiveness to the material.

Swisspearl® PLANEA – Opaque coating. Clear, strong colours and the matte surface finish are the characteristics of the uniform aspect of this colour range.

The long time proven superior quality of the Swisspearl® ventilated facade systems is backed by a unique global quality approach, where the standards of each sub process are defined and controlled from the selection of raw material and system components until the facade is installed.

Downloads for Swisspearl®

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