Azentro and Eurolinx Refurbishment

Alpolic/fr Sparkling Black has been creatively utilised on the external walls of the Azentro and Eurolinx refurbishment in Coorparoo, Queensland for a number of product specific;
– Alpolic/fr is coated with a first-class fluorocarbon paint system which ensures a design life of up to 50 years
– The ability to create a variety of large and small perforations within the Alpolic/fr panel – sheets retain their rigidity
– Alpolic/fr was supplied with Sparkling Black on both sides of the panel and then concealed fixed to facilitate the building owners wish of viewing the facade from the inside out. 
– CODEMARK Certificate of Conformity which details that Alpolic/fr complies with BCA

ACLAD – Architectural Façade Cladding Solutions Pty Ltd were the installers on this project and specified the “Hanging Joint System” to ensure that each panel could expand and contract in different climatic conditions. This particular element is crucial in maintaining extreme flatness with no cupping or buckling. An LED lighting system was also installed behind the screen facade to create a unique ambience through the perforations at night.

Overall this project has significantly portrayed the vast abilities and adapting functions of Alpolic/fr as fire-retardant Aluminium Composite Panel.