Church House

Church House, a Cameron Chisholm Nicol commercial/mixed-use project in the important heritage Cathedral + Treasury Precinct, is nearing completion. Moeding terracotta tiles on the podium and corner of the building echo the colour and detail of the masonary in the adjoining heritage buildings. Vertical and horizontal panels in the contemporary fritted glass on the upper levels reference St George’s Cathedral to the south, with its elongated windows and holy cross. The building is designed to achieve a minimum 4 Star Green Star Rating, and will make a positive addition to the urban design framework of the Cathedral + Treasury Precinct.

Project Name – Church House 
Product – Moeding
Architect – Cameron Chisholm Nicol
Builder/Developer – Northerly Group
Fabricator – Northerly Group / Pappas Glass
Project Stage – Completion 2014
Location – Perth, WA