NextDC Perth

Perth’s newest data Centre has recently been completed, NextDC is the first carrier-neural data centre, built with the latest technologies designed for service continuity and efficiencies.
Designed by Greenbox Architecture it incorporates Alpolic/fr and Eurobond, Europanel F5.

Europanel utilise a non-combustible stonewool insulation core to provide ‘built in’ passive fire resistance, which meets both life safety and property fire protection requirements. In addition, the stonewool core and panel joint design ensure ‘class leading’ thermal and air tightness performance to help reduce operational costs.
Designed as a single engineered component, Europanel is both quick, easy and cost effective to install.
The F5 panel was chosen as it provides a clean building exterior through Europanel’s classic secret fix joint.

Project Name – NextDC
Product – Eurobond
Colour – Black, Aluminium Grey
Architect – Greenbox Architecture
Builder/Developer – Metro West Group
Fabricator – Cladtech
Project Stage – Completion 2014
Location – Malaga, WA