Q1 Resort and Spa

Q1 is an 80-storey glass residential tower, comprising of 526 apartments, a rooftop observation deck, retail precinct, and associated recreation facilities. The tower is an unconventional concrete frame structure, which connects ‘outrigger’ columns on the building perimeter to the core through concrete blade walls. The glass curtain wall provides a weatherproof insulated skin, incorporating white spandrel glass to reinforce the curvature of the tower form. The podium ribbon roofs are clad in Alpolic panels with a glass roof framed with structural steel. The tower roof crown is a steel framed structure, providing support for the roof glazing and roof spire. The spire provides an effective lightning conductor, which has operated a number of times since the building’s completion.
The building was conceived in the Sydney Olympic year 2000, and drew inspiration from the Olympic Torch and the Sydney Opera House. The objective was to produce a sculptural form reminiscent of these Australian icons, and a glass skin facilitated this expression. The unswept roof form and spire strongly reference the shape of the torch and provide a dramatic crown to the tower.

Project Name – Q1 Resort and Spa
Product – Alpolic
Colour –¬†Silver Metallic, Custom Metallic and Custom Solid
Architect – The Buchan Group / Sunland Design Group
Builder/Developer – Sunland Constructions
Fabricator – ACLAD
Project Stage – Completion 2006
Location – Gold Coast, QLD