Riverpoint Apartments, Queensland

The second stage of the Stockwell Riverpoint Apartments was completed in June 2015, After a very successful first stage completed in 2010, the second stage was fast tracked due to the huge demand for the prestigious properties. Prodema plays a vital role in the exterior of both stages both as the cladding and in soffit application.

 Zinc, copper and Prodema feature heavily  on the external façade of the individual buildings. Whilst the zinc and copper elements were chosen for weathering properties, Prodema was chosen for it’s complete opposite characteristics. Prodema provided a depth and richness of form that complimented the contrast of the zinc and copper materials. Prodema’s durability and minimal maintenance features married with the precast concrete panels, which form the majority of the structure, has ensured the success of the façade now 5 years old. 

This success made the decision to replicate many of the same materials in the construction of Riverpoint Stage 2 very easy. Consisting of a further 50 luxury units which adjoin the existing Stage 1 riverfront apartments,  the design of these units also utilises Prodema to provide depth of material but also to provide continuity between the Stages. The consistent performance of the material enabled the design team to marry other materials to the Prodema, therefore feathering the panels in important areas of the building. The outcome has been outstanding, with Stage 2 of the development exceeding expectations.

Sharon Waddell, Development Manager Stockwell Developments


Civic Construction Group was engaged by Stockwell Development Group for the Design and Construct of Riverpoint Stage 2, a riverfront apartment building in West End Brisbane.

The architectural brief for the building envelope was to compliment the external façade details and materials used in the adjoining existing Stage. One of the predominant façade materials was Prodema.

Some of the façade details required the Prodema cladding to meet in three planes. The construction of these areas required highly detailed design from structure to final installation. The structural arrangement of the building was complicated, however, the final façade characterizes clean straight lines representing simple modern look.

The fixing details, material stability and quality of Prodema allowed us to meet the required detail without excessive fixings or sub frame support often required by other materials.

Richard Bryatt, Senior Project Manager, Civic Constructions


Skypanel were engaged in a DC contract with the builder, Civic Constructions, for the supply and install of the Prodema element of the build. We worked closely with interfacing trades to achieve the best result for waterproofing, build-ability and certainly all common aesthetic purposes when utilising the Prodema All standard installation methodology apart from one special feature with Balcony Pelmet detail. There were external blinds around most balconies that required boxing out to enclose the mechanism. We installed structural steel elements to support the blinds as well as the profiled Prodema. These profiles were manufactured and formed together in our factory under a controlled environment then delivered to site for easy installation. The end result was a seamless pelmet detail that the Architect and Client were most happy about.

The product is faultless when it comes to the manufacturing side given the consistency of core and its perfect factory edges. As it is a natural product in theory there can be some expectation of diversity in colour vs batches, however we have installed large quantities of this product and the consistency speaks for itself over the numerous projects.

We are extremely happy with the end result and it shows that the Prodema is certainly in a class of it own. The continued support and service we get from SGI Architectural has been outstanding, from sales to logistics they work tirelessly to assist their clients. 

Tim Malloy, Director, Skypanel


Project Name – Riverpoint Apartments, Stage II
Product – Prodema
Colour – Prodema: Rustik
Builder/Developer – Civic Constructions
Fabricator – Skypanel
Project Stage – Completion June 2015
Location – Brisbane, QLD