Verde Townsville

Between the abundant sun and the extreme winds and storms of cyclone season, the striking facade of Verde Townsville has to be able to withstand elemental forces without compromising aesthetics. SGI Architectural supplied a brilliant, eco-friendly solution, with customised Alpolic®/fr cladding. SGI worked closely with Brisbane-based facade cladding fabricators ACLAD who specifically engineered the project’s Alpolic®/fr to withstand cyclonic wind loads. Alpolic/fr is composed of a non-combustible mineral core sandwiched between two skins of 0.5mm thick aluminium. The result is a highly stable, lightweight and durable material that can be bent, curved or shaped to meet the requirements of any design. The lightness of the panels also makes for a rapid and safe installation process, which is a major bonus for builders. Alpolic® /fr also carries the Eco-Specifier tick, which makes it a positive benefit for Green Star projects like Verde, which was the first building in Townsville to achieve the Five Star Green Star certification, which recognises an extremely high level of sustainability in materials, methods and engineered systems.

“This contemporary building incorporates premier ‘A’ grade office space with ‘world class’ Ecologically Sustainable Development (ESD) building management systems.” – ML Design

Project Name – Verde Townsville
Product – Alpolic/fr
Finish/Colour – Green Metallic, Charcoal, Silver Metallic and Champagne Metallic
Architect – ML Design
Builder/Developer – Hutchinson Builders
Fabricator – ACLAD
Project Stage – Completion 2013
Location – Townsville, QLD